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Hussein Assaf Company (HAACO) was established in 2008 with an initial capital of five billion Iraqi Dinar, contributed by Iraqi investors. Within a short period of time, we became pioneers in building commercial, industrial, recreational, and multi-purposes projects. To cope with our growth, we have heavily invested in building new factories and establishing specialized companies (Concrete plants and Asphalt plant (WIPO)) as a part of our expansion strategy towards more effectiveness, by reducing implementation times, associated costs and improving quality management control.

To be one of the top five respected construction companies in Iraq by 2019, by providing our clients with convenient, reliable and environmental friendly construction solutions and services, using the latest available technologies.

To enhance the lives of Iraqi people, by not only providing healthy and environmentally safe construction, but also an aordable

Concrete plants
The company has a subsidiary concrete factory in Anbar Governorate. This factory is fully equipped with two state-of-the-art plants, each of which has crushers, a sand plant and mixing machinery with an approximate area of 62,500 square meters. Our 30 employees, including engineers, professionals and workers, run the two plants with a total production capacity of 180 cubic meters per hour; where the first unit has a capacity of 120 cubic meters per hour.
Asphalt plant (WIPO)
Our subsidiary Asphalt factory is located in the Governorate of Muthanna ( Samawa ) with an area of 140,000 square meters and production capacity of 160 tons per hour. It is run proudly by 60 of our highly qualied engineers and professional workers. The factory has its own eet of heavy transfer mechanisms, mixers and equipment.
Heavy Equipments
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